Trendsetter is a symbol for people to chase their dreams and passions. Sometimes we can easily let outside influences such as jobs, popular opinion, or personal possessions take over our daily lives, leaving us robotic and empty inside. A trendsetter breaks free from that mold, desires to be more, leading the way, in a search to fulfill their unknown destiny. A trendsetter is someone innovative, and imaginative, who recognizes courage and refuses to let fear break them.

My journey started because I wanted to do something different, challenge myself, let go of fear, and that is why I created Trendsetter. I know I will never change the world, but if Trendsetter pushes just one person to take a leap with me, then I will have succeeded. is a website where I can explore my creative side while also providing an avenue to assist others to do the same. I am a screen printer who is passionate about my work, believes in customer service, and giving back to my community. If you have any questions regarding my services or products, please reach out to me.   

Lastly, I want to leave you with a quote from one of the greatest movies of all time circa 1993, "The Sandlot."

"Let me tell you something kid; everybody gets one chance to do something great. Most people never take the chance, either because they're too scared, or they don't recognize it when it spits on their shoes…Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong." - The Great Bambino